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Pheww all is well in cyber space

It has been two weeks since I set up the online store. Last week after the Thursday swim race (where I beat Peter by the way) we were settling in for some sleep when we got a message that there was a bug in the online shop messing with the shopping cart. Apparently it was charging $200 for $40 vases. Oh Horror! I managed to do my best as pest exterminator and got it all fixed by midnight, but spent the next few days agonising about how that had happened. I like to think it was some mysterious cyber bug, but discovered later that I had made a mistake with one of the buttons. So it was my fault all along. I have fully recovered from the trauma and the online store is up and running. I am adding products to the site on a regular basis, trying my hardest to keep up with Peter who is back behind the wheel. Check out our online shop and please (please!) let me know if you encounter any problems navigating the site.

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