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My work is all wheel-thrown. I try to let the marks of the making process stay evident on my pots. I’m working to develop glazes that enhance the character of the clay, pooling and flowing in the natural depressions and ridges on the surface of the finished work.​

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Back making pots

​I was a professional potter in Nelson between 1975 and 1993. As a parallel career, I developed an interest in writing during the 1980s, contributing to many pottery and craft magazines around the world. During the early 1990s I became editor of the quarterly magazine Craft NZ, selling the rural Omaio Pottery. In 1994, I joined the Nelson Mail newspaper as a sub-editor, continuing in that career until retirement in 2015.


In late 2022, some chance conversations and encouragement from friends led to the establishment of a small pottery in the Nelson suburb of The Wood with my wife Cathie Lindsey.​

Since 1978 I've written thousands of words about pottery, art, sport, travel and a few other things. I continue to write sporadically, publishing on the Substack platform. You can read my posts when you like, but if you subscribe (it's free), you'll get an email alert after each new post.​

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